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15 August 2013 : Cops Nab Suspected Vinod 08 Gang Members Who Stole Vehicle

Five suspected members of the Vinod 08 gang stole a Mitsubishi Triton near Jinjang, sparking off a high-speed chase by police in the wee hours of the morning.

Police then spent 3 hours to recover the stolen vehicle and arrest the suspects.

Cases of vehicle theft is increasing everyday and vehicle owners have been living in worry and fear that their vehicle could be the next target.

This is why we are here to provide to you the complete solution to prevent vehicle theft with the EVO GPS Tracker. Prevent your vehicle from becoming the next target by installing the EVO GPS Tracker, which enables you to track your vehicle and to cut off fuel remotely.

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23 April 2014 : SPAD compels bus operators to use GPS Tracking to prevent speeding

In the wake of several tragic public transportation accidents in Malaysia recently, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has compelled local express bus operators to employ the use of GPS Tracking for their fleets to monitor and prevent speeding.
Bus operators lax until action is taken, says SPAD (The Star, 23/4/2014)

EVO GPS Tracker comes with alerts and several detailed reports to allow companies to monitor and be informed if vehicles in their fleet are speeding


EVO GPS Tracker – Speeding Playback History

This is essential to safe guard the safety of the passengers on the vehicle and also to prevent any disputes with the drivers when they are caught speeding.


EVO GPS Tracker – Speeding Report

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