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The chart above explains how the EVO GPS Vehicle Tracker works.

The device communicates with the satellite to collect the GPS location of the vehicle. The GPS location, together with other information such as the speed and direction of the vehicle are then transfer to the EVO server as tracking data. These tracking data are available via web access and mobile access. Users are able to perform real-time vehicle tracking under the condition that the device is within the coverage of the telecommunication network provider* and there is internet connection. Users will be required to log in to the tracking portal with their registered username and password, either through personal computer, or smartphone. Furthermore, users can also use a messaging-enabled mobile phone and send in SMS command* to the GPS device and it will reply with the GPS location and other details of the vehicle.

*Disclaimer: The coverage of the GPS service includes the strength of the signal and other features related, are subject to the telecommunication network provider and the surrounding of the location where there may be interference to the function of device.


You must register your EVO GPS Tracker in order to use it. Registration of the product also provides you with the following:

• Phone number of your EVO GPS Tracker unit:

This is necessary for you to use your EVO GPS Tracker device.

• Password to the EVOtrack.me Online Tracking Portal:

Allows you to log in to the EVOtrack.me tracking portal to track your vehicle via web or mobile web.

To register your EVO GPS Tracker, please use your main mobile phone number to send the following SMS (without the square brackets) to number listed in the user manual.




The IMEI number is printed on the back of your EVO GPS Tracker device and on the package box.

The Security Pin is a 5-digit number that you can use to authenticate yourself when you contact EVO Customer Support. Please remember this number and keep it safe.

Send the above SMS Text to 0132085700

Once we have received the warranty registration form from the reseller, you will receive SMS containing your EVO GPS tracker’s phone number and password for the online tracking portal EVOtrack.me

Please contact us if you do not receive the registration confirmation.

Please contact us if you lost your user manual.

How to set up Center Number?

How to set up SOS Number?

Center Number:

The center number is the authorized phone number that allows you to:

  • Turn on/off the engine (Immobilizer)
  • Set SOS numbers, which are the numbers that will receive the SMS alerts from the device.
  • Call in to the EVO GPS tracker device to perform voice monitoring.

You can set up to 2 center numbers for each device.

To set a center number:

Syntax: CENTER,A,CenterNumber#

Example: CENTER,A,0121234567# This will set the number 0121234567 as the first center number.

Please use the first center number to register for the second center number.

Example: CENTER,A,,0191234567# This will set the number 0191234567 as the second center number.

You can also set both center numbers at the same time.

Example: CENTER,A,0121234567,0191234567#

To delete a center number:

Syntax: CENTER,D,CenterNumber#

Example: CENTER,D,0121234567# This will delete the number 0121234567 as the center number.

To overwrite a center number:

If the number 0121234567 has been set as the first center number and the number 0191234567 as the second center number, a CENTER command of CENTER,A,0161234567# will set 0161234567 as the first center number, and CENTER,A,,0161234567# will set 0161234567 as the second center number.

Send all the SMS command to the GPS Device SIM Card mobile number.

SOS Number:

The SOS Number is the phone number that allows you to:

  • Receive SMS alerts from the device.
  • Call in to the EVO GPS tracker device to perform voice monitoring.

You can set up to 3 SOS numbers. The center numbers can also be set as SOS number.

Use the center numbers to set the 3 SOS numbers.

To add SOS numbers:

Syntax: SOS,A,SOSnumber1,SOSnumber2,SOSnumber3#


  1. SOS,A,0163399901,,# (Add only SOS Number 1, overwrite if number slot already used)
  2. SOS,A,,0163399901,# (Add only SOS Number 2, overwrite if number slot already used)
  3. SOS,A,,,0163399901# (Add only SOS Number 3, overwrite if number slot already used)
  4. SOS,A,0163399901,0163399902,0163399903#

To delete SOS numbers:

Syntax: SOS,D,SOSnumber#

Example: SOS,D,0163399901# This will delete the number 0163399901 as the SOS number.

Send all the SMS command to the GPS Device SIM Card mobile number.

With EVO GPS Tracker, it is so much easier for you to track your vehicle now. EVO provides you with 2 alternatives in tracking your vehicle:

Via Web:

Use a web browser and go to the following URL:


Enter your car number and password to login.



Please remember to keep your password secure and to change it if it is your first time logging in.

Via mobile:



You will receive an SMS with a Google Map link. Click on the link to find out the location of your EVO GPS tracker device during the time of query.

You can also get the latitude and longitude information by sending WHERE# to the device phone number.


The IMEI number is printed on the back of the EVO GPS Tracker device and on the package box.

No. The device has an internal antenna inside therefore it is not visible from the outside.

Yes. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

When you lost your car, it could be very troublesome to go through all the procedures such as, to make police report, to send in the documents to the insurance company and most probably have to wait for few months to get the claim. At the same time, you do not have car to use and you have to rely on the not so convenient public transport in Malaysia. Your existing car alarm does not tell you where your car has gone to.

By using the EVO GPS Tracker, you are able to track on the location of your vehicle, to use the fuel cut-off feature to stop the car, and to report to the police so that they can help to recover your car.

It comes with all the accessories that requires for the device to function properly. Other than that, it also comes with 1 year free subscription (SIM card & web tracking platform), worth RM 240.

A single account allows monitoring of one personal vehicle. However you can upgrade your EVO GPS Tracker’s personal account to fleet management account in order to monitor more than one vehicle at the same time. Please contact us for account upgrade.

The product is available from our list of authorized resellers in Malaysia. Click here to check out your nearest authorized distributors.

The device is certified by SIRIM, CE and E-Mark to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

SIRIM – The national organization of standardization and quality which creates national economic dynamism through excellence in technology, quality and international acceptance of Malaysia products and services.

CE – The declaration that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives.

E-Mark – Europe-wide and United Nations standard equivalent piece of legislation for vehicle devices and equipments. Products with the certification have been tested to ensure that the radiated emissions are below a certain threshold, and are therefore not significant to interfere with other electronics on the vechicle.

About The Device

The device’s dimensions are: 98.0 x 52.0 x 15.0 (L x W x H) mm

Yes, it will trigger the tamper alarm and the device will send out a SMS to notify the user that the device is unplugged.

The GPS accuracy range is within 5 meters of the tracked vehicle.

The mobile tracking feature gives you the ease and convenience to track your vehicle everywhere you go. Most people do not carry laptop with them all the time but mostly everyone has a mobile phone with them at most time. Therefore with the mobile tracking feature, you can track the location of your vehicle via SMS and to view it on the map in your mobile phone.

Other than that, you are able to receive the alarm sent out by the device under different circumstances. There are 5 types of alarm, which are the tamper alarm, SOS alarm, vibration alarm, over-speed alarm and low battery alarm. Other features include voice monitoring and fuel-cut off.

The tracking device works well with vehicles that have 12V or 24V power input, which most vehicles on the road have.

The battery can last 4 hours unplugged / uninstalled.
When the device is installed in the vehicle:
The device will be in charging mode everytime the engine is turned on.
The device will be in sleep mode when the engine is turned off, but still able to transmit the tracking data to the tracking platform.
When the device is installed in your vehicle, normally it will not run out of battery, unless the vehicle engine is turned off for a long time.


Please refer the installation to our authorized EVO installer in order for the product to function at its best. The installation process is included in the user manual for reference.

The device is designed for tracking purpose and should not be discovered by anyone other than the user, therefore it is advisable to install the device in a covert place where it is less possible to be seen or detected.

GPS Tracking

To send SMS command to the device, all you need is just a standard mobile phone with SMS function.

The device can only receive command through the SMS service by the registered center number. Just type and send in the specific SMS code designed for each function to the device.

No, only the center number registered can send SMS command to the device.

Only the 3 preset SOS numbers are able to receive alarm sent by the device.

The vehicle is traceable within the GSM coverage (mobile access) and availability of internet service (web portal). The quality of the tracking performance depends on the strength of the coverage signal.

You may use the online web portal to track on your vehicle as long as there is internet connection.

The tracking data refreshes every 10 seconds to keep you updated with the location of your vehicle.

When this situation happens, press the SOS alarm button and the device will automatically send SOS alarm to the preset numbers so your family or friends will get the alert that you are in trouble.

Yes. When your car is hit, it vibrates and the device will send vibration alarm to notify you.