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EVO GPS Tracker Smartphone App now available on iOS and Android!

EVO Systems Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the availability of our App on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets! This application was developed in-house by our dedicated technical team to make it more convenient for our valued EVO subscribers to track and manage their EVO GPS Trackers.



Upon logging in, users will be immediately presented with the visual map location of all their EVO GPS Trackers. Users can then zoom into the location of each device by just double tapping on the location. Tapping on the marker will bring up the vehicle details and last update time.

Users of the EVO GPS Tracker app now do not need to remember the SMS commands to manage their device as these commands can now be created through the app. Just click on the SMS Command that you wish to manage, fill in the necessary details and submit the command! It’s as simple as that!* The Android application will send the SMS immediate in the background, while the iOS version will launch the Compose SMS screen for the user with all the required information prefilled. Just press Send and the SMS command will be sent to the EVO GPS Tracker device.

The EVO GPS Tracker app also allows users to retrieve up to 8 hours of the latest travel history reply in the application itself. Just select the History button, select the period to replay and press the search button on top of the screen to retrieve the replay history.

It is now even easier to Track Your Fleet Now – with EVO GPS Tracker!

* Note that standard SMS charges apply for each SMS command sent and will indicated in your respective mobile statements.
** The EVO GPS Tracker requires Android version 4.0.3 or later; or iOS version 7.0 or later.