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Vehicle tracker has been widely used on buses, trucks and other transportation. In today’s business that has high demand for effectiveness and efficiency, customers expect to get the most out of every dollar they spent. The ability to track and manage your fleet will give you advantage over your competitor, at the same time assist in providing outstanding customer service, at a reduced cost method.

Real Time Monitor

Our online monitor platform provides you with the location, speed, direction and movement of your vehicles so that you can have a better control and allocation of them. With such detail reporting you are able to provide your customers with more accurate information such as estimated delivery time and status update of the delivery vehicle.
Reduce Fuel Cost

Effectively minimize vehicles’ idle time and manage the fleet to achieve efficiency. This solution significantly cuts down on extra miles traveled and therefore adds up a large amount of saved fuel.

Increase Employee Productivity

With the ability to monitor the vehicles, we made it easier for managers to constantly monitor their employee to ensure that they are at the right place doing the right thing.

Driving Behavior Monitoring

The speed of the vehicle is display on the online monitor platform and the manager will be reminded if the vehicle is speeding on the road. This feature also prevent driver who intended to prolong the working time by taking a longer route to the assigned destination.

Customer Satisfaction
The more detail you know about your fleet, the more information you will be able to provide to your customers, therefore it helps to increase customers satisfaction when you are able to tell your customers more.