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There is no surprise that personal vehicle is frequently stolen and EVO GPS Tracker attempts to provide vehicle user with the right solution to reduce the crime, as well as to protect the vehicle. Even with the advanced technology equipped in the device, we made it easy and simple that you do not have to be a technology savvy person to use the product.



Vehicle Theft Recovery

The real time GPS position feature allows you to keep track of your vehicle wherever it goes and to report the location of the vehicle to the authority so that they can recover your vehicle for you. The fuel cut-off feature also allows you to stop the vehicle from going any further.

Vehicle Security

EVO GPS Tracker equips with the wire cut-off alarm feature which you do not have to worry about the device being deactivated. Vibration alarm keeps you informed if your vehicle is hit or damaged.

Drivers and Passengers Safety

The SOS Alarm is designed for safety purpose during emergency, when one might get trapped inside the vehicle or encountered a dangerous situation and no one is around to help.

Family Safety

EVO GPS Tracker comes with the over speed alarm which allows the vehicle owner or other family members to get noticed whenever the vehicle is travelling over the speed limit. The SOS button ensures that your family get the SOS alarm during emergency or dangerous situation. EVO protects your loved ones and encourages safety driving behaviour on the road.

Integrated GPS Positioning and Security System

EVO GPS Tracker is one of the GPS vehicle trackers available on the market which offers integrated GPS positioning and security features in a single device. You can now have one for the functions of two, because we made it possible.

Vehicle tracker has been widely used on buses, trucks and other transportation. In today’s business that has high demand for effectiveness and efficiency, customers expect to get the most out of every dollar they spent. The ability to track and manage your fleet will give you advantage over your competitor, at the same time assist in providing outstanding customer service, at a reduced cost method.